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The curious case of IRGC’s EP-PUQ over Iraq

On July 21, 2022, at 0710Z (10:10 Baghdad Time), An Iranian aircraft which was handed over to them on 2021 and was previously operated by Namibian Westair Aviation started pinging in range of Ar Ramadi receiver. Mode S data of the receiver confirms its presence over Iraq.

What’s interesting about this bid is that it’s being operated by IRGC-owned Pouya Air, which is infamous for its Il-76T[D]s that are being used for smuggling.

Screenshot from, EP-PUQ

Embraer ERJ-145
HEX 7342B1

Judging by the RSSI (same receiver), it certainly entered the Iraqi FIR, let’s see:

0719Z, RSSI is -20.6

0730, RSSI is -18, getting closer to central Iraq

@ 0738Z, the aircraft is descending to land, RSSI shows it’s far from Baghdad airport, or even Najaf.
Question is, where is this aircraft landing? Erbil or Abadan?

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